Von Calvo German Shepherds is a family owned and operated business that specializes in  German Shepherd breeding and importing of only the highest quality German Shepherds for sale at prices that all can afford. Not only do we deal with top Champion German Shepherds bloodlines we FINANCE as well.  We offer our puppies for sale nationwide, the Caribbean, abroad and are South Florida German Shepherds specialist which will assist with all your German Shepherd and transporting needs.

Von Calvo German Shepherds has direct contact with SEVERAL TOP German Shepherd breeders in Germany and obtain German Shepherd puppies ONLY from the top German Shepherd breeders that have proven to produce top Show line German Shepherds.

As German Shepherd Breeders, our German Shepherds are beautiful, extremely intelligent, courageous, and protective of their families. We offer these excellent German Shepherd Dogs and German Shepherd puppies for sale only after temperament, character, and conformation have been proven.

Von Calvo German Shepherds strives to  produce  top quality German Shepherds for everyone from your German Shepherd owner to Champion German Shepherd Breeders from our own World, USA, South Florida German Shepherd Champions, which have been imported to offer Miami German Shepherd Puppies for sale in the United States and abroad.

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