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This is the SV German Shepherd Standard with some German Shepherd Descriptive Terms

German Shepherd Standards Explained


How much water does a German Shepherd need?

Dog Weight Chart by months. German Shepherd weight chart by month.


Difference between German and American German Shepherds


Vaccine Chart for German Shepherds. ALWAYS consult a licensed Veterinarian in your state before administering any vaccines.

German Shepherd Skeleton

German Shepherd Organs

Dog Body Language/German Shepherd Body Language

Dog Body Language/German Shepherd Body Language

The Information provided on this page has been uploaded from various sites on the Internet and is for informational purposes only. The information has not been verified from the source. We would like to give credit to the various web pages and books where this information was obtained such as the SV, GSDCA, USCA, Pinterest, and other sources. If we have inadvertently omitted your source information please contact us for proper credit.

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