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V1 Gus vom Shepherdland & SG Sandy vom Team Furstenbrunn

We are proud to offer our 1st Von Calvo Black Label litter. Our Sandy a beautiful black show line female, daughter of VA1 Attila vom team Furstenbrunn and V1 Gus vom Shepherdland a VA1 Groovy di Casa Masserelli son.

The Champion level litter was born in March.

Congratulations to the Bray, Figueroa, Murga, and Hernandez families for reserving their puppies.

 This litter is SOLD-OUT.

Our puppies go quick. If interested, be sure to place a deposit to reserve your pup.

For more information about our puppies or to schedule an appointment, please call (786) 271-0118.

Available Puppies

2x VA1 (BSZS/USA) Schumann von Tronje & V Elphie vom Osterberger-Land

Schumann and Elphe will make an outstanding combination as Schumann is known for his conformation and color and Elphe the daughter of VA1 Gary vom Huhnegrab is known for her great offspring and personality.

V Elphe vom Osterberger-Land. (Daughter of VA1 Gary vom Huhnegrab) Elphe is due in less than two weeks.  We are expecting a nice size litter and currently are taking deposits. Congratulations to the Duran, Laffitte, Taylor, and Martinez families for their reservations. Reserve your puppies today.

VA Scuhmann von Tronje & V YO YO Margman

The litter we have been waiting for.  

Our AMAZING World Champion and USA Champion 2X VA1 Schumann von Tronje and our newest addition to our Black Label the GREAT V YOYO Margman! (Yo-Yo is litter sister to the VA Margman Yan and Margman Yes).

We are expecting half the litter to be BLACK and the other half Black and Red.  

Congratulations to the Itani, Borrows, Montano, and Cinioglu families for reserving their puppies.

Reserve your puppy with a deposit today. (All forms of payment accepted).

Come see mom and dad! We are taking extra precautions due to the present living conditions so we are bringing our beautiful pups and parents to the front yard for your protection and ours.

Call (786) 271-0118 to for further information or to place your deposit.

2X VA1 Champion Schumann von Tronje & VA1 Champion Wogah von Nurburgring

Litter available

2X Champion Schumann von Tronje has 12 champion offspring. He has proven to be a great produce of beautiful and healthy puppies.

Champion VA1 Wogah von Nurburgring, daughter of Kronos is a gorgeous large female with superb conformation and has proven to produce large beautiful puppies. This combination of Champions will prove to be a superb litter.

Champion Schumann von Tronje
V20 (BSZS) Wanda vom Treuenbrietzener Land

This combination was so great that we are repeating the breeding.  Out of this previous combination is where we got our future Champion Jack Daniels Von Calvo which is currently overseas completing his campaign.  We are eagerly awaiting to confirm pregnancy. Below is a picture of Jack Daniels Von Calvo so you can see what to expect.

Von Calvo’s goal is to always have Excellent, Quality, Champion bloodline German Shepherd puppies available for our customers from CERTIFIED German Shepherds that will produce intelligent, attractive, beautiful, courageous, clever,  and eager to please German Shepherd Dogs.  Von Calvo German Shepherds tries to only breed our females once a year so that they can have a healthy happy life. To accomplish this we supplement our breeding’s of German Shepherds by importing CERTIFIED Champion bloodline German Shepherds and top German Shepherd puppies from only top Selected Breeders in Germany, throughout Europe, and other specific parts of the World.  Von Calvo has also established specific partnership with particular kennels ensuring exclusive bloodlines.

Von Calvo German Shepherds only provides puppies from CERTIFIED German Shepherd Sires and dams. This means that all the German Shepherds sires and dams age permitting have their titles, their IPO, their Koregung, and are registered in their respective countries. This is important because with this information we are able to identify health concerns.  Our puppies also come from parents who have had their hips and elbows certified. Our German Shepherd Dogs have their Hips, Elbows, and Temperament tested as is required in Germany.

This sets us apart from other breeders as we know who and what the parents have accomplished. Other breeders will breed dogs that have registry  papers but do not know where they came from, their abilities, their socialization, or their health issues. All of our German Shepherds have DNA tests done to ensure pedigree and bloodlines. Once you purchase your puppy it is to late to fix things such as bad quality or temperament, so why not start on the the right foot and buy one from Von Calvo who has already done your homework for you.

Von Calvo German Shepherd puppies born in the United States are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Von Calvo German Shepherds is pleased to announce that we have REGISTERED our kennel name with the AKC ensuring that when our customers buy a Von Calvo German Shepherd they can rest assured they are getting a Von Calvo German Shepherd and not a German Shepherd bred by others.

Von Calvo German Shepherd puppies come with the following:


American Kennel Club Registration

American Kennel Club Pedigree


(In case your German Shepherd is lost it will the identification and return to the correct owner)

Health Certificate

(Ensuring that you are getting a healthy Von Calvo German Shepherd puppy checked by a veterinarian)

Vaccination up to date

Deworming up to date

Von Calvo German Shepherds comes with support for your concerns and questions.

Our German Shepherds are for: Pet/ Breeding/ Show/Agility/Schutzhund.
Puppies available for reservation

Older puppies also available

*Puppies denoted with an asterisk are not bred by Von Calvo

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